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Some of Motherís oldest papers contained her adolescent poetry. Young girls are incredibly romantic, and Mother was even more so. She had typed out a number of poems, in German, like this one, singed E.R. for Elfreide Raab.


An S..T..

Ich had dich still geliebt, nur tief im Herzen
In stummer Sehnsucht Deiner stots godacht.
Und oft had ich in meinem Schmerze
Um Dich geweint in dunkler Nacht.
Oh selig Gluck, wenn ich Dich sehen konnte
In Deiner Nahe schlug mein Herz so bang,
Dann schwelgte meine Seele in Erinnerung
Und lauschte stots auf Deiner Stimme Klang.
Meine Augen baten um ein gutes Wort
Und warben lang um dich in stummen Flohen
Doch nimmer ahntest Du mein heiss verlangon
Und konatest diese Sprache nicht verstehen.
Du gingst. Ich hat so gern gerufen
Ach bleib Ich hab so schwer gerungen,
Zu spat, die ungesprochnen Worte
Sind schmerzvoll in der Seele nun verklungen.


Although Mother didn't speak a word of English when she came to the United States at 13, in less than five years she was writing the following, probably around 1929:


I looked into the sinking sun,
My soul bared to my wondering eyes.
Could there be such a love as mine
locked in any human breast
A spark from heaven, so divine
that I deserve to be thus bless'd.
I look into the blinding sun
To where the path to freedom lies.
I walked into the sinking sun
and met with Death to give me Life.
God's gift supreme, to those that see,
The hope to love, the will to live
and to unite in blissful ecstasy,
the joy to take and greater thrill, to give.
I walked into the sinking sun
To find the love for which we strive.
I looked into the sinking sun
and found a path to happiness
Whille through the dying splendor crept
The promise of a coming day,
My soul took up the call and wept
no more, but went its way.
I looked into the sinking sun
And found an end to my distress.



She wrote a lot better than I did! When I was an adolescent girl of not quite 15 I penned


Love is True When again the sea doth call to you,
And away you've gone before grass is free from due,
My heart will follow, ere you go
From Kokimo to far Indio.
For love is true...
While wind and sea, they vie with each other,
I will sit at home and wait while days pass,
Another, another, anther...
At last the bright day arrives,
You're home, and we'll be together the rest of our lives,
For love is true.

I must have had a boyfriend in the Navy! In any case, by 18 years of age, I, like my mother before me, had discovered 'the soul.í I wrote

The world is lit by moonlight-≠-
I am bathed in its coolness and feel its tender touch against my cheek.
Like a lover it holds meó
≠taking hold of my soul so mightily that time and space vanish from me.
The gentle wind whispers in
my ear and I abandon myself to the passion of the night. I surrender gladly my corrupt self to its embrioan love
The giant arms envelope and
comfort me, melting from my body the fears and tortures of life. I am left at peace, my face aglow with moonlight.

Yup, my mother was as romantic as they come. And pretty good with rhyme, too!



The sun is rising to promise a glorious day
But not for me.
Trees are shedding golden dreams
But I don't see.
Autumn! Beautifu1, glowing autumn
Your beauty is lost to my tear blinded eye.
Life seems but a dark and narrow 1ane
awinding under a starless sky.
Flowers and blossoms have withered and gone
With them my dreams.
Storms have shattered my happiness
Forever it seems.
Dry leaves rustle beneath my hurrying feet
As many weary miles I walk in silent grief.
Living again those g1orious hours, just you and me.
Lost to the world I walk, mourning a love too brief.




Star kisses fall upon my brow
Dreams of a love I'll never know
All alone with just the stars above
No one near to tell me of their love
And in each window g1eams a cozy 1ight.
Here and there a coup1e passes ≠
Arm in arm they whisper tenderly.
Teardrops blind me as I stumble on
And the breezes murmur sadly ďa1l alone".
The fates ordained that I must pass
The bitter waters ere I reach the sweet
to reap the harvest of success
I must sow tears!
So I go wearily through life
And leave a trail of bitterness
of vain regrets for broken dreams
And mortal Fears!



Dark and forbidding the castle wa1l stood,
A challenge against the ev'ning sky.
But forgotten the warriors who with their blood Wrote their hist'ry upon the ground,
Forgotten their names and forgotten the p1ace And the soi1 where their weary bones 1ie.
And only in songs that the minstrels sung
They lived and batt1ed again.
And o'er the campfire, the eager eyes hung
On the man who in music and word
Brought back from the Past the gal1ant Knights And the beautifu1 Princess Romaine.--


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