Sloggin’ Along

9 Jul 2019 0 Comments

Yup, sloggin’ along. Getting used to logging on Noom and learned something really worth it for long term: if you’re planning to eat something high in fat today for dinner, move other fats (like cream or avacado) to tomorrow. I think this is the way to have dessert once in awhile–the trick is once in awhile. For long term, I have GOT to figure this out.

However, I really don’t think Noom–OR the Mediterranean diet–will work for me to lose weight in the first place. I should do this AFTER I’ve lost what I want to lose. It’s just not working, so I’m pretty sure next week I’ll give up and go back to keto. I started at 200#, went down to 198.2, but then started back up! Why??? Now sitting at 199.2 or something. This is verrrry dismotivating.

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