New app – Noom

1 Jul 2019 0 Comments

After two weeks of living with my daughter (recovering from c-section birth of twins)–and the accompanying stress, lack of exercise, squewed schedule, strange food, temptations (cookies, candies, chips, crackers–you name it)–I was a mess and had gained five pounds. Not bad at all considering that during that time I also had to vacate my apartment and move in to a new situation (roommate).

Feeling totally out of control I was happy to re-up a diet and exercise plan. Contacted my trainer and arranged for a week (three) of sessions and a remote plan moving forward. The new apartment house offers yoga starting next week!! And on Facebook I was tempted to try NOOM, which perports to be a guided plan, that is it has coaches. It also may be a way to do a controlled Mediterranean diet. It costs $ but they offer a 2-week inexpensive trial, so here we go–and I’ll go back to the store and buy rice, pasta, and bread!!

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