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1 Feb 2019 0 Comments

So, yes, I went back on Keto after my Christmas vacation binge up to 220. Someone on Quora asked how it was going, and this is what I said:

Camille Flores
Camille Flores, MBA from Santa Clara University (1996)

Keto isn’t exactly low carb; it’s waaaay more metrics driven and is presenting me with some problems. However, since I’m losing weight, I must say it’s “going well.”
I knew I was going to go back on keto in January, so over my month-long Christmas holiday I pigged out and gained 10# (the graph below shows me starting at under 210, but my weight was actually 210).
I very quickly lost the 10#, and since then it’s been a normal 1–2 # a week. I was quite satisfied. But then I purchased Fitbit Charge 3 (replacing my Polar A300), and it was wonderful to not have to log exercise since Fitbit just figures it out.
On the other hand, it keeps telling me that I’m not eating enough! It seems that the 500 calorie deficit I work with is only appropriate while lying in bed. You know, the old formula—your age, height, weight, level of activity. So the minute I’m not behaving like a sedentary rock—i.e., I’m moving—walking, exercising with my trainer, whatever, Fitbit says I’m expending energy and therefore I need to compensate by eating more—and all the while maintain that 500 calorie deficit.
I just can’t do it. Or maybe I’m to scaird to eat more.
And what am I supposed to do with my macros if I eat more? The carbs are supposedly fixed. I’ve read that I should therefore eat more protein. Tonight I’m resorting to drinking 2 tbsp of coconut oil because I just can’t get enough fat without increasing carbs.
So. Not a good day. I’m sick to death of my powerful keto salad (chicken, avocado, chia seeds, spinach, olive oil, vinegar, sliced almonds, beets [for the potassium].
My trainer suggests that I kinda wing it: eat an extra 600 or so on the days we train, an extra 300 on the days I go to my part-time desk job, and no extra on the days I “live in bed.” Fine, but what about the macros? Guess I’ll be doing some more research.

OK, so the “more research” ultimately took me to Ruled Me which is a keto site. How Much Fat Should You Eat? said (if trying to lose weight) one should not exceed a 30% calorie deficit. OK, so apparently, for me at 210#, that means 627 calories, and unfortunately–based on Fitbit–I am not doing that. Even on days (below) that I appear to reach goal, I’m not. January 31, for example, was a weight training day on which I earned extra calories, and so was still considerably below desired fat consumption.

The Ruled Me site suggests, tho, that this will help lose weight at the expense of more hungar; and I really never feel hungry–especially after working out. So hopefully, this is good.

This site also suggested that, for body builders (I’m truly dreaming here, but at least it gives me a point of reference) protein should be 1 oz per # of lean body mass (for me, around 125) and carbs less than 35. Anyway this is what I’ll use as a DO-NOT-EXCEED on weight training days. And Justus says try for only a 300 addition to the deficit on training days.

Yesterday I produced an essentially perfect result:

AND note that Fitbit came really close to giving me the 300 that Justus wants me to get.

And here is a non-training day goal:

Notice the Fiber and Potassium being monitored. This is comething that I only just learned during this keto diet: that the diet creates a deficiency in certain minerals, namely sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Therefore, this time around I’m taking a magnesium supplement, using salt conscientiously, and trying to eat potassium-rich foods. (Dr. said it’s too dangerous to take as a supplement.) It eliminated the keto-flu immediately!!

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