Binge Attack

7 Apr 2018 0 Comments

What a shock! Not sad, not depressed, not hungry, not tired, not anything…I go to the grocery store to buy coffee and cream, saw some caramel corn (for God’s sake, caramel corn?) and put it in th basket. Then I stood in front of the Russell Stowe counter for five minutes deciding on which box of turtles to buy. At least I ignored the big bag!! 
Only then did I buy my coffee and cream. After checking out, I started right in eating. I gave thought to offering some to nearby persons but decided not to. As soon as I got home I ate half of everything. I offered some to the maid but she forgot to get some before she left. I could have brought them to dinner to share, but I didn’t. I didn’t order dessert, but after dinner, I came back to my room and finished both containers to the point that I was going to throw up I felt so uncomfortable. I literally stood over the toilet burping for a minute.
This morning I realized that the only thing that could account for this sudden attack was my visit to my daughter the day before at which we had another session of her dealing out what she described as ‘tough love’ because I had what she called ‘fantasy expectations’ of moving to a better situation. It’s wierd because it had not been particularly unpleasant (I’ve been feeling a lot more in charge of myself lately), but in fact I had not particularly wanted to go. Actually, and truthfully, I don’t think I ever particularly want to go. Hahahaha trips to visit her and my grandson are all part of my fantasy expectations.
Nevertheless, the whole thing was a learning experience. I guess it was worth the two pounds I gained.

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