1 Nov 2017 0 Comments

Depression derailed all the walking, and good carbs don’t change anything, but living at Garito Manor with its two meals a day in the dining room has really curtailed binging. Unfortunately, with depression keeping me from exercising, I’ve been gaining five pounds a month.

Just recently I’ve been trying to combat this by eating less which means skipping breakfast unless I’m hungry. (Again unfortunately, it seems that if I skip my breakfast oatmeal, the next night I end up going up the street to buy a Mexican sweet roll, well actually TWO Mexican sweet rolls.) Another tactic is to have a banana for dessert instead of ice cream or cake. This has generally been easy peasy. Today I left some of my lunch and will try to do this more often. Previously I’ve kept eating when full because I’ve been afraid I’d get hungry later.

Got a new GP in New Rochelle and catching up on all my required health checkups. My knee was hurting again. She suggested I see a sports doc about my knee, and yesterday I did. MRI next because I’ve probably got some torn cartiledge. Maybe I’ll get to play tennis again afterall.

More bad news in the NY Times–

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