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30 Aug 2017 0 Comments

Exit ketosis and, big surprise, back to binging. This week, for the first time this year I have been binging almost every day. I THINK I figured out why: because, typically, I can’t control the carbs, so I immediately start gaining weight. After several weeks of this, I try to lose weight. How? Stop eating breakfast, fewer calories. Since that is the ONLY THING I DID DIFFERENTLY, it is clear as can be that my body simply chooses to binge on bad carbs as a way to compensate.

What to do? Well, for September I guess I’ll try Gina’s suggestion: since Garito Manor doesn’t supply any good carbs, provide your own–make a pot of brown rice weekly and provide your own ww pasta–and substitute these for Garito’s potatoes and pasta–because you NEED the calories. I’ll also stick to plain ol’ ice cream for dessert (not ready to give up dessert because life sucks and ice cream is something sweet).

Status of foot and knee–I ended foot rehab but will continue the daily exercises and the correct heel-toe walk. For the knee I began starting every elevator trip by pushing LL for lower level, from which I climb the stairs to go to the lobby and exit the building or go to the dining room. I’ll also continue to try for at least an hour a day walking. I need to start going to a gym, but being a cheapskate I want to wait til mid-October so I can avoid the annual fee charged October 1

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