Happy 75th Birthday and Time to Exit Ketosis

5 Aug 2017 0 Comments

A thorough examination of my heart at the Tisch Medical Center revealed that it’s in great shape, but the long-awaited blood test revealed that my body can’t handle the Ketosis high fat diet; my cholestorol levels require medication. (Also, by-the-way, the urinalysis showed only ‘mild’ ketones!!!)

This was a major disappointment but enough to make me unwilling to endure any longer the lack of strength/energy of low carbs. The cardiologist offhandedly suggested that I was out-of-breath because I’m out-of-shape. I really don’t think so. Let’s start eating carbs again…

and see if with more energy I can start an exercise regimen to get back to where I was before the broken knee.

My daughter says that, rather than diet, I should focus on why I binge. Complicated. However, I still suspect that living in an environment where regular meals are provided (as I have been doing since moving to NY), is the key. I think this removes a prime/major trigger: hunger. Hopefully, increased exercise (possible due to more carbs but also dependent upon working the the rehab) will reduce another trigger: depression.

So, let’s see how August plays out…

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