Adjustment Needed to Exit Plateau?

30 Jul 2017 0 Comments

Humm, in May I lost 8#, in June 4#, and in July #2?? (Well, more or less–certainly nothing good is happening here at the end of July.) July has been my first month eating lunch and dinner at Garito Manor while making (or skipping) my own breakfast. Also, I pretty much haven’t been logging because I’m trying to just ‘live the Keto life.’ I would have guessed that, if anything, I was as usual simply eating too many carbs. But I researched a bit this morning and came across a neat site–, the Keto Diet and Weight Loss Plateaus. I recomputed my metrics using their rules and came up with a very similar set to what I was already using–a few more calories and a few more carbs.

So, if the metrics aren’t that far off, what else could be the trouble? The article suggests a number of things to try. I wish I had an expert professional, a doctor?, who could help me decipher this stuff. I have the discipline, but the application is confusing. It seems pointless to resume logging when I have no control or knowledge of the ingredients and preparation of my food–except the ‘chicken platter’ which is 4oz plain ol’ chicken breast and the beef brisket. So, I CAN try doing this in  August:

There is very, very little variety here. I can substitute a smaller amount of broccoli for the zucchini–actually I can substitute any vegetable they serve if I find out in advance how it compares to the zucchini. And I can substitute the beef for the chicken–except it tastes so awful without gravy…

Oh, well, we’ll give it a shot.

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