Another Re-adjustment: Independent Living

24 Jun 2017 0 Comments

So, I was doing well. On February 1 I moved to a new and challenging environment: independent living in New York. Independent living means you get your meals and housekeeping and some trips to stores, etc. I researched the place but really didn’t know anything about Westchester County, NY, and ended up living in a place where I could not ride my bicycle or even walk much–very steep, narrow roads, lack of sidewalks and shoulders. So: no opportunity for exercise!! More challenging was the meals because I had no information or control of the preparation or ingredients. I nevertheless held my weight steady for the month, coming in at 209.

Unfortunately, because of a family emergency, I found myself essentially living in a hospital for a week, unable to control my meals in any way, and returned to my residence out of ketosis. I then spent the next several months trying to live within the constraints of the meals provided by the facility. I DID manage to not binge more than once but was unable to resist the overwhelming carbs available–sweet rolls, begels, creamcheese, dessert–and ended up gaining back seven pounds before I started back on ketosis on May 8. I had energy, so I usually walked downtown (cab back up the hill) at least once a week.

Back on ketosis, for breakfast I ate scrambled eggs with two pieces of Swiss cheese. Sometimes this came with sausage or bacon. I tried keeping heavy cream on hand in my tiny refrigerator, so was able to have cream in my coffee (the residence serves only half and half).

Lunch was difficult. I coulf have a half cup of chicken, tuna, or egg salad. I could have lunch meat–cotto salami, ham, or turkey. I could have a salad.

For dinner it was possible to get a baked quarter chicken (leg parts). The baked tilapia was disgusting. I could also get a well done hamburger patty (ick). I really stuck to the chicken because otherwise, the meals were carb heavy (pasta, rice, sauce).

Today I weigh 207 even and have crossed the 40% fat threshold in that I am at 39.8% body fat, so I guess I can’t complain. However, I have zero energy.

On July 1 I’ll be in a new residence facility where I will be cooking my own breakfast. Yea!! I’ll be back to cooking eggs with coconut oil and eating bacon and a variety of cheese!!

I found this very interesting site which lists ways we can screw up our ketosis. Interestingly, one of them is counting calories, which, also interestingly, I had stopped doing a week or so ago. I figure I know what to eat and what n
ot to eat, and I’ll just have to focus on the future, not today. However, I may just try their 1:1 coaching to see if I can fine-tune my life style.

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