The Net Carb Debate

3 May 2016 0 Comments

Should I or shouldn’t I buy an Atkins treat? Unfortunately, you can’t buy just one, and I know myself: if there are 5 (or 10) there, I’ll eat them all. So I eventually decided not to buy one. While deciding, though, I researched Atkins treats and discovered “new carbs.” Oh dear. And sorry, but I’m with WebMD, and I don’t buy it. Check out the net carb debate.

“Our report concludes that there is no substitute for the simple formula that ‘calories in must equal calories out’ in order to control weight,” says FDA Acting Commissioner Lester Crawford in a news release announcing the report.

I’ve discovered that having a cup of hot chocolate–100% cocoa and a smidgen of stevia–helps out. So I think I’ll go have one now!!!

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