Anger Management

27 Dec 2015 0 Comments

Went to see “Star Wars” on Christmas Eve, and was sooooo disappointed that afterwards I went to Walgreens and bought a 2# box of Whitman chocolates…and ate it all up within an hour. Pathetic. By Christmas day I was realllly in a funk. Yes, I know exercise will cure that, so when Scott texted that he wanted to postpone our workout til 11:30 or Saturday, I said “fate, see you next Wednesday.” Then eat pasta, pasta, pasta; then get on the scale to see if you’ve crossed the line back up to over 200. OOps, not quite yet.

It’s very clear to me that all this is anger. Life’s not fair. So what? Something new? Why take it out on yourself? Unless the real you, deep inside, really DOES want to weight 300# and never leave your bed? Really?? Don’t think so. Really. I suspect the real you wants to be moving all the time. Probably ought to go for a bike ride even if it is only 32 degrees. Dress for it, for God’s sake. It’s not even snowing!

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