Time Out

20 Nov 2015 0 Comments

Well unfortunately BAN was a failure. I cut up a banana into small pieces and ate it. I waited five minutes and then ate some applesauce. Finally, I waited five minutes and ate 100 calories of almonds…then I ate another package of nuts. And then I ate another package of nuts. And then I ate the other banana. And then I finished off the remaining seven packages of nuts. And then I made up a Mounds bar. And then I used the last of the coconut to make another Mounds bar.

Then I went to sleep.

This morning I ate my good breakfast. Then I set out some chicken to defrost. At mid-morning I grabbed a package of some kind of cheese and a package of smoked salmon and ate until I was full. In mid-afternoon I made and ate a bowl of popcorn seasoned with butter and cinnamon/sugar.

Then I admitted defeat.

I don’t think I will post for awhile. I have no idea what I will do next, but I don’t want to post or record. I just want to coast.

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