Powers of 10

26 Oct 2015 0 Comments

Last night I invited a friend to watch a movie with me in the living room. About half way though the movie (a very emotional film), I got up and counted out 10 almonds to snack on. A bit later I brought the bag to the couch and counted out 10 more. Then 10 x 2 more. Then 10 x 2 more. Then I gave up and just reached into the bag. Then I went and got a piece of cheese without measuring it. Then I ate more almonds.

I was binging.

Why? I haven’t a clue. I know I’m a bit uncomfortable sitting in my living room, especially for an extended period of time. (Sorry to say [sounds very nuts and unhealthy] but I prefer to lie in bed.) Is that the reason? Also, a second friend came over and changed the dynamics of the ‘party,’ and that, too, made me a bit uncomfortable–I would have preferred that the dynamics remain unchanged. Humm, I don’t deal well with…?? I need a shrink???

I DO know that there was some rationalization going on: Perlmutter and the other ketonic diet gurus all say basically “eat all the fat you want.” Maybe my body needed more fat today?? I can’t buy it. I always hesitate to keep almonds in the house because I’m too prone to just gobble them up. I suspect that if there hadn’t been almonds, I would have cut some cheese–only because it’s quick and easy. I would definitely NOT have been interested in grabbing some other things readily available such as grape tomatoes, cream, almond milk, hard boiled egg, kipper snacks, lettuce. A spoonful of almond butter has tempted me in the past.

Ooooh, something else was different! I changed my water! (Remember the ongoing search for a substitute for Chrystal Light?) I had just bought some lemon juice, hoping to flavor my water; but the fact is I didn’t like it. (Maybe I should have put some stevia in it, but whatever: I didn’t like it.) And I always drink that liquid like a dying person on the desert.

oK, so something learned: don’t EVER face an evening without an acceptable beverage! I guess I use that beverage the same way I use the almonds?

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