I Hate Core Day

20 Oct 2015 0 Comments

Several weeks ago I told Scott I wanted to increase my weight training, and to accomplish this I would do core day on my own, leaving two full sessions for him to work on legs and upper body. Yea!! Except that then I had to force myself to do it.

It’s been very difficult. Talk about procrastination, wow. Originally I was supposed to do it on Mondays. Then I found myself postponing Wednesday to Thursday so I could do Monday on Tuesday, but didn’t get it done until Wednesday. Get the picture? Plus someone stole the roll-out bar from the gym, and I haven’t been able to find a suitable substitute for the lower abs. I tried a ball exercise, Swiss-Ball Jackknife — looked so easy! but couldn’t even get my ankles up there.

So today I decided to really work it. I succeeded in three full reps of 60 seconds on the wall squat holding 3# weights (supposed to be 5#, but I don’t have those at home), four full sets, 12 reps each (as opposed to last week’s three and 10) of Plank, ab Crunches, Leg Raises, and chest high Push-Ups. Then I tried the new Plank Row wearing socks. Disaster. Couldn’t move at all. Maybe I’m tired? OK, I’ll try again later.

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