Supplements and Additives?

17 Oct 2015 0 Comments

I’m a rule follower. So when Perlmutter said “get these supplements” and “eliminate the additives,” I did my best. The first time I “did Perlmutter” I bought cod liver oil and probiotics per his insistence. And I cleaned out my kitchen–no more pasta, no more bread, no more anything with ingredients. My kitchen is still everything Perlmutter would want. For example, I always have olive oil and coconut oil and nuts and avocados, olives, a variety of cheese, couple pints of heavy cream. (BTW, even at Whole Foods it’s impossible to buy a quart of cream or any cottage cheese made from whole milk, and there’s only ONE vendor/size of whole milk plain Greek yogurt!) It’s even fun to try various cheeses that I’ve never, ever had before, yummmy. And who would believe that you could DRINK a half cup of heavy cream and like it!

It was also pretty easy to eliminate additives. I mean, heck, if you’re “going back to basics,” you don’t use anything with ingredients. I bought a huge package of Steevia, and no problem Jose.

However, I still struggle with the water. Water around here just doesn’t taste good, so I have been drinking Chrystal Delight for yearrrrrrs. It’s difficult to drink a gallon of water a day, and Chrystal Delight made it easy. So, I tried buying a bunch of different “steevia flavored drops.” Ick. Double Ick. I tried squeezing a lemon into my gallon of water. Now, that would work, but I’d have to buy a dozen lemons at a time. Nevertheless, I’m keeping this solution on the back burner. My latest aquisition was an order of unsweetened flavor drops from Capella Flavors ( With shipping costs, it was not cheap, but if it works out, I can buy bulk quantities.

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