My name is Camille, and I’m a sugar-holic

16 Oct 2015 0 Comments

I don’t have any problem passing on the sweets because I finally accepted the fact that I’m a sugar-holic who can’t have just one…so I can never have even one.

One scoop tastes great. I want to continue to enjoy that great feeling, but to do that requires continually eating more scoops. Sugar-holic.

The solution is my great imagination. I can remember that taste! I’ve practiced, and I really can bring to mind anything I’ve eaten. I figure there’s nothing that I haven’t already tasted, so I don’t have to have anything any more; I only need to remember the taste.

Food is now only something I ingest to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of hungar. Sound boring? Too bad. Look what I’ve accomplished in the last 90 days!!

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