Refining Purlmutter: the Ketogenic Diet

29 Sep 2015 0 Comments

Purlmutter worked great, but then it didn’t. Researching, I discovered which is fantastic.

 My experience with Purlmutter–which is essentially a ketogenic diet–was that my body loved it. I was never hungry, never depressed. But what to do when it stops working? This new web site has given me ideas. I picked up two facts immediately: 1) a ‘cheating’ day can result in the body needing another two weeks to get back into ketogenesis, and 2) protein quantity is FIXED as a ratio of LBM (lean body mass) and should never be determined as a percentage of daily intake–which is what I have been doing.
Sooooo, over the next few months I’ll be monitoring my LBM and adjusting protein requirements weekly. Today I weigh 200.2 which is 37.9% fat, 31.2% water, 26.3% muscle, with a bone density score of 3.4. This tells me my LBM is 52.6 so my daily protein intake should be 1 or 1.5 x 52.6 or max (let’s call it) 80g.

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