Ruination by Road Trip

30 Aug 2014 0 Comments

the trash bag in my car

It’s just not fair! I had to take the trip. I brought along a baggie of cut up  chicken and a baggie of almonds. That’s all I ate on the first day. Truthfully, at my destination I gave in to the pressure of my hostess and ate, horrors, b*r*e*a*d with, oh-my-God jam on it. But I also ate my protein shake. I absolutely did NOT binge. I practiced: I went out to dinner and had dessert, one piece only. Okay, so now I’ve really fallen. Carbs AND sugar. Oops, on the way home I had no more chicken pieces. So okay I ate a hamburger. One lousy hamburger. But I had no dinner that night; shouldn’t that have helped? And okay, the next day I had an omelet with hash browns and a muffin with jam. But that was breakfast AND lunch. And okay, by the time I got home, I was so tired (is that an excuse?), I finally totally broke down and ate three (I guess three means binging?) everything bagels with butter and honey.

Congratulations girl! This morning the results are in. You gained five pounds and 1% fat. In four days.

As I said: it’s just not fair.

Lessons learned: 1) Always, always, always have healthy, appropriate food in the car–which means plan and prepare ahead. 2) Never, never, never allow bad things like bread to hide out in your freezer.

Suppressed memories: I just remembered that I  TWICE   ate a large Foster Freeze soft-serve cone

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