18 Aug 2014 0 Comments

What the hell? I didn’t lose five pounds this week. I lost NO POUNDS! In fact, I gained 1/2 pound. Now, that is just not fair.

Then again, who ever said life was fair?
So, what happened? I’ve heard of diet plateaus. I’ll look them up, but I wonder if I just ate too many calories. After all, I didn’t log my food this week.
Possibly I ate too many nuts. Dr. Perlmutter’s book seduced me: eat all the fat you want as long as you don’t eat carbs. Well, that was the message I got.

Poliquin’s LifeStyle has a post about the low carb diet that says it’s probably water. That would be nice. ‘Course the author also says “no fruits, no whole-grain anything, no potatoes, NO EXCEPTIONS” so I worry about that 32g of pomegranate juice I drink every morning (which that study demonstrated will unclog my blood vessels).

Bottom line: depressing and confusing. I was going to resume logging to make sure I’m not overeating, but after perusing Poliquin’s marvelous posts, I think I’m fine.

Subject for tomorrow: I have no energy at all and, under the circumstances, I don’t think I can attribute that to diet. Can I? Does no carbs mean no energy? Even if you have enough calories? Definitely confusing. 

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