What, I Only Lost Five Pounds?

11 Aug 2014 0 Comments

Last night I was craving, of all things, CORN BREAD!! Warm corn bread with maybe a little butter. Hummm. It was all I could do not to run off to the store to buy some ice cream. (How did I get from corn bread to ice cream? Humm, I guess corn bread is the carbohydrate I’ve been doing without while ice cream is my brain’s symbol of pleasure.) Thank God I was already in bed so I would have had to get up and get dressed. I told myself: hold on now, tomorrow is Monday, weigh day. Wait just a little bit longer. See if the fates will reward you. If they don’t, then go out for ice cream!

So today I weighed in. What, only a two pound loss? I reweighed twice. I quickly logged in to Loseit to see what was going on. Oh, okay, it was really a five pound loss. But it still felt wrong. It felt like I had been doing this for a thousand years and so should have lost more.

Can I do this no carb diet another week? Truthfully, the thought of eggs, fish, or chicken is extremely unpleasant. I think I’d rather starve. This past week I did an awful lot of snacking on olives and salami. I can’t help thinking that in order to lose that five pounds, I probably lost 10 pounds of muscle and gained five pounds of fat.

Bottom line, however: another triumphant week! I exercised six of seven days and didn’t binge. I even managed to pass my birthday eating only two pieces of birthday cake (carrot cake, my favorit-ist thing in the world!) that some well-meaning but devil-sent friend brought over.

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