Filling the Fridge

31 Jul 2014 0 Comments

I went shopping today. My trainer wants me to try a no carb diet just to see what happens. Actually, according to a website I bookmarked, no carb isn’t really no carb. Just almost.  Here’s a shopping list.

So at Grocery Outlet I bought a number of packages of frozen protein:

  • salmon pieces
  • tuna pieces
  • chicken breasts
  • guinea hen

This is a risk because not only do I need to remember to defrost them in advance of need, but I’ll need something to flavor them.

Then at Fresh & Easy I bought a bunch of prepared entries that met the criteria, a bag of almonds, a bag of dried cranberries (as only raspberries and cranberries are acceptable on a no carb diet), and some goat chees.

Then at the Dollar store I bought several cans of sardines, etc.

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