Succumbing to Temptation

26 Jul 2014 0 Comments

I worked out at the gym or swam in the pool every day this week. Doing great. Then temptation reared its ugly head!

My grand nieces, seven and nine year old Anna and Lexi, usually spend Friday night at my apartment which means they can go
 downstairs on Saturday morning and return with an armload of cookies, muffins, etc. And they did.

I succumbed.

I probably ate a dozen cookies and half dozen muffins.

Why? I was doing so well.

All I know for sure is that I was tired.

Next weekend I will make sure the girls only bring upstairs what they will eat.

But why is it that sometimes I can look temptation in the eye without a twinge, walk right past a table laden with chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars, and See’s candy…but other times I can’t? I think I will look into the psychology of motivation or determination or…

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