The Start of a New Effort

23 Jul 2014 0 Comments

I weighed in at 222#, the most I ever weighed in my life. It’s time to make a new effort to NOT BINGE so I can lose weight.

THIS time I’m going to focus on the gym for exercise. I prepaid in January for a year of personal training, and I’ve arranged to come in as often as my trainer can schedule me.

THIS time I refuse to follow a diet. I’m only going to try to not B*I*N*G*E. I’ve been doing this for so long that I pretty much know what to do to increase the odds of success:

* AVOID TEMPTATION–This means I can’t go downstairs to the lobby at 8:00am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday when local stores donate (that means it’s FREE) their leftover cake, cookies, muffins, pastries, and anything else you could possibly salivate over.

* ENSURE MY FRIDGE IS FULL OF HEALTHY FOOD–If something good for me and tasty isn’t available, you know I’ll find something else to eat if I’m hungry. Buying stuff requires that I face facts, accept how lazy I am, and buy something that I will actually eat. Kale is on everyone’s lists, but have you actually tried eating it?

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