How to Control the Visibility of your Personal Information on the Sisters on the Fly Website

Nowadays, protection of personal information is a hot topic. There’s always a new tragic story about someone’s identity theft or a new app to manage your passwords. So, even though as a member of Sisters on the Fly, you love and trust all your sisters, you may be sensitive about how much of your personal information you share.

When you initially join Sisters on the Fly, a lot of information is collected. Well, can be collected, as you can see below:

However, the system forces you to provide at least a name, address, phone number, and password with a gentle Please Enter prompt.

This required information remains private! However, you may choose to reveal your city/state and/or email address to your sisters.

How to Share your Address

To share your address with your sisters, click the City & State box.

Three choices will appear.

By default, city and state are visible to your sisters; to hide city and state, click Hide All.

How to Share your Email Address

By default, your email address will be visible to your sisters. To hide it, click OFF.

Don’t Forget to Update

As with any system, nothing will be changed until and unless you actually click save. Be sure to click Update if you have made any changes to your profile.

When you click Update, your changes will be saved.

Thereafter, any sister who looks you up in the Member Directory, will see only the information you want shared, as follows:

Change your Mind?

No problem. You are in control and can change anything in your profile at any time. Just remember to click Update!